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Common Trouble and Remedy Method of Hot press

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Common Trouble and Remedy Method of Hot press




Remedy method

Press don’t act

1. the safe switch cable elasticity isn’t suitable, emergency switch isn’t reestablish

Adjust safe switch cable reestablish emergency switch

2.Oil pump motor reverse, there is no oil in the oil cylinder

Adjust power phase sequence, add enough oil.

3.overfolw valve block up  damage

Take down wash replace


Pressure failure

1.there is dirt in the cone valve of the overflow valve

Clean it

2.wear out of cone valve


3.spring break off


4.oil leakage from pump to integration block

Replace the o-ring

5.insert valve F3 seal section  valve core damaged seriously

Clean it  replace

System don’t keep pressure

1.oil cylinder pipe leakage

Replace the o-ring

2.there is dirt in the electric check valve seal section, seal section worn out

Clean it replace

3.there is dirt in the ball valve F4 F5

Clean it replace

Not steady

1.if don’t exclude system air when maintain

Exhaust( there is exhaust valve in each oil cylinder)

2.synchronization setup loosen  other condition

Adjust vertical horizontal synchronization  rack lock when press close