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Kindly remind

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Kindly remind

For your personal safety and to ensure the normal operation of the press, please operate according to the following tips:

1. In case of emergency, please pull the safety rope or push the emergency stop button immediately!

2. Do not put your hand into the press during the closing process.

3. After power on, press the circulation pump button first and then start the two groups of heating buttons respectively. Turn off the heating buttons half an hour before getting off work, the circulation pump button should be closed before turning off the press, and the press should be closed (no pressure, just close it) to keep warm and prevent falling into dust.

4. The workpiece should be placed in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual. The surface of the hot platen is covered with the workpiece, keep in mind that if the thickness of the workpiece is not uniform, it cannot be fed into the press.

5. Keep the surface of hot platen clean to prevent uneven surface of hot platen due to long-term residence of small particles.

6. When the press is not in use, make sure that the press is closed after each layer is put into the lining plate to prevent falling into dust (the pressure is adjusted to the lowest).

7. Change the external power supply, and observe rotate direction of the motor and circulating pump after starting up.

8. Tighten the screws regularly (electric cabinet screws, heating parts screws, hot plate screws), and grease the synchronous mechanism and hot platen guide device。

9. Replace thermal conduction oil and hydraulic oil (Great Wall 300# or 320# thermal conduction oil, 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil) strictly according to the instruction manual.

10. Unit of time:sec,10s;min,10min;hrs,10h.The left screw under the time    relay can change the dial value, and the right screw under the time relay can change the dial unit.

If you have any doubt, please check the instruction manual or call us: